Thought Leadership

Providing real world value to the public sector community

Federalizing your commercial messaging is not enough. Gone are the days of pitching technology to government officials. Agencies want useful information to help them make the best possible technology decisions. Virtual Marketing understands this environment and helps technology companies work successfully with the public sector.

Chuck Lynch, PhDChief: Data, Tools & Analysis (DTA)National Institutes of Health (NIH)

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FISMA, CyberSecurity, Green Computing, DNS SEC, Cloud Computing, Trusted Internet Connection (TIC), HSPD-12, IPv6, HealthIT, COOP/Telework…is your organization familiar with these initiatives and new ones coming with the transition to a new administration? Is your company viewed as a trusted advisor or knowledgeable resource regarding federal government directives, mandates and issues that relate to your solutions?

Your company needs to be able to intelligently speak to certain issues where your technology can provide real world value. Your company needs to be viewed as a thought leader by the public sector community – a company that deeply understands the government’s mission, mandates and challenges.

By sharing your expertise with the government and providing helpful educational content, your company will rise above the competition by being viewed as a trusted advisor that understands the public sector challenges increasing the chances that your company will be thought of during the buying cycle which in turn will accelerate your sales cycle and your pipeline will grow dramatically.

So how do you garner such success? Two words – “Virtual Marketing” – your source for on-demand expert marketing to the government where we will help you “Bring Clarity to the Clutter”.

You know you are a thought leader when:

  • The government recognizes that your company understands its missions, objectives and challenges
  • The government readily maps your products/services to the issues/mandates/policies that they are facing
  • The government requests systems integrators to include your company in solutions and proposals
  • Your company is sought for advice on solving technology issues by the public sector community because of its recognized expertise
  • The media and analyst community views your company as an expert and quotes your executives on specific subject matters that are important to the government.
  • Government personnel register on your website for white papers, webcasts, videos and podcasts for educational information
  • Your company is invited to the “table” as an expert on particular subject matters of critical importance to the government
  • Your company is synonymous with certain government issues, mandates and policies

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